Choosing the best font for your shop sign

Choosing the best font for your shop sign

Last month, we talked about the importance of clear and quality van signage on your fleet vehicles. Today, we’re taking a more stationary approach and talking about the signs you have in front of your business premises: specifically, the right font to choose for your company name.

The importance of choosing an appropriate font

While we’d all like to think that word-of-mouth recommendations and you’re existing reputation for quality are enough to generate new customers, the truth of the matter is that in today’s market, branding is everything. When people see the name of your company above your shop, restaurant, or another place of business, they’re not reading the words, as such. The first time they look at your sign, they get more information from the various visual cues encoded into that sign than anything it actually says. That comes later: for now, we’re interested in giving as much information with the look of the sign as we can.

This is where fonts come in.

Tailor your font to your business

Whether you’re planning on a sign for your shop fascia, a decal for your window, or both, it’s important that your font says something about your business. Do you sell jewellery, or perfume, or high-end confectionery? Then a delicate, cursive font would give your premises that air of elegance before anybody even reads the sign. Do you run a computer shop? Why not try a font that looks like a digital readout, or a laser display? Kid’s play-center? Big, brash, and bouncy fonts are the thing for you. The shape and size of your font choice say as much about your business as the words themselves.

Consider your colours

While the font design itself is important, the colors you choose can have their own impact. Again, if we’re talking about sleek and stylish merchandise, then gold text on a warm background gives the impression of elegance. Likewise, your children’s play-center sign will work best with bold and bright primary colors bursting out of the sign.

Reaction over readability

When we talked about van signage we stressed the importance of your company name is legible at a distance and at speed. With a static business premise, this becomes less essential. After all, this is foot traffic you’re attracting now. What you want is something that will make them stop in their tracks long enough to read the name of your business and any auxiliary information you include.

Which brings us to…?

Secondary fonts

Once you’ve decided on a font that best encapsulates your business, you need to pick another one that is, perhaps, more traditional. This second font is for your business information — phone numbers, emails, website addresses, and so on. While it’s okay for the main logo to push the envelope, once you’ve hooked a customer, they need to be able to read your particulars in comfort.

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