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Four tips for effective van signage

When it comes to attracting new customers to your business, branding is all important. While word-of-mouth and personal recommendations are always welcome, you need to catch the attention of potential clients at every possibility.

The importance of van signage

Whether you’re a plumber, a builder, a caterer, or a florist, your works vehicle is the first impression people have of your company. You owe to yourself to create a striking image that will sell your brand and keep the name of your company in the minds of passers-by.

As the top sign-making company in the Portsmouth area, Rowthorn Signs Ltd has been producing high-quality van signage for thousands of satisfied customers for more than half a century. We know a thing or two about what makes effective van signage, so here are a few of our top tips.

Keep it simple

If you spend your working day driving around in your van, most people will only see it for a few seconds. This is why a simple design works best for your van signage. Stripped down to the bare essentials of your name, your industry (unless that’s already part of your business name, of course), and a logo or photo, everything the customer needs to know can be taken in during the scant seconds of seeing your van on the move.

This is a calling card, not an eye test

It’s tempting to add walls of text to your van signage, listing every possible method of contact and a comprehensive list of the services you provide. We’re here to tell you: don’t bother. Studies show that people don’t read van signage; so much as they notice it. If you hook them, then they will remember your name, and they will look you up online the next time they need you. Your

Be prepared to be bold

Of course, before anybody reads the sign of your van, they have to notice it first. With thousands of work vehicles driving up and down the streets of Portsmouth on any given day, you need your van signage to stand out from the crowd. Choose a clear font like Helvetica or Futura, and use contrasting hues to make your business name pop from the background colour. Here’s a bonus tip: use a bright colour for the text, darker ones for your backdrop.

Stick to your brand

If you have a website, a Facebook page, or advertise in print media, it is essential that your branding is consistent across all formats. Remember, your van signage is almost subliminal advertising. If a customer looks for you online and finds a totally different logo or slogan splashed on your page they might assume they’ve got the name wrong and look somewhere else. Besides, a consistent approach suggests professionalism, which is never a bad thing.

At Rowthorn Signs Ltd, we have been designing, printing and applied van signage to businesses large and small in and around the Portsmouth area for over 50 years. To find out what we can do for you and your company, call our team today on 023 9273 7210 for a free, no-obligation quote.